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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Washington Redskins' Clinton Portis

Clinton and the Redskins Offense

Clinton Portis looked like he was on his way to an MVP season in the first half of the year. But then injury's hampered his success and both he and the Redskins fell out of sight in 2008.

While Portis has never really been the explosive runner as he was in Denver, he has been a very solid feature runner for Washington.

Quarterback Jason Campbell took another step forward in his progression and Santana Moss came back to life. Throw in Chirs Cooley and the Redskins have a good future in their offensive weapons.

Jason Campbell should improve in 2009

I couldn't understand why the Skins seemed to be so ready to let go of Jason Campbell, as rumors went about that they were shopping him. But because of the way Jason handled the situation
I believe he became a player others on the team look at with respect.

Not to also say that these rumors I'm sure lite a fire in Campbell to want to go out and prove his doubters wrong. Look for Jason to up his touchdown totals to twenty plus in his second season in head coach Jim Zorn's offense.

Clinton Portis Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Campbell's progression will play a key role in Clinton's fantasy value. If Jason can start beating defenses down the field more with Santana Moss, things will open up more for Clinton in the running lanes.

Thus making No.26's work load a little easier and his yards per carry a bit higher. Portis should still make a run at 10 touchdowns this year as he is no doubt the "cow bell" in the offense.

Fantasy wise you should be looking for this running back, as a second round pick in your league this season.

Fantasy Assets:

- Constant
- Touchdown maker
- 20 touches or more a game
- Solid offensive line

Fantasy Liability's:
- Getting older
- Not a game breaker anymore

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