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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: San Diego Chargers Vincent Jackson

Player Info:
Vincent Becomes the #1 Receiver in San Diego
Jackson has always had the talent to make fantasy owners, believe he might become a great receiver, in time. But until last season, Vincent quietly went about his business and was not much of a factor in fantasy at all.

Then last year the big man for the Chargers broke out, after Chris Chambers, injured his leg in week 5. While it is true that Jackson did not have sparkling numbers in '09, but he did prove that he can dominate at times.

Jackson went on to post 59 catches for 1,098 yards and an hot 18.6 yards per catch average. He also posted 7 touchdowns as well.

Not very often to you see a receiver combined the size (6'5, 230 pounds) and speed together. Because of this rare combo of skills, at times it can seem unfair for a little old corner to match up against this beast.

One has to believe that this is just the beginning for No.83 and his success in the NFL.

Vincent Jackson's Fantasy Football Value in 2009
Jackson my not post 18.6 yards per catch again this year, but he should produce another solid fantasy season. It's no surprise that Jackson broke out the same season Phillip Rivers busted out as they have matured around the same time.

Look for Vincent to at least post the same number from a year ago. Right now he makes for a good #2 receiver in most fantasy formats.

Fantasy Assets:
- Big, Strong, Fast
- Starting into his prime as a receiver
- Solid Quarterback
- Great Supporting Cast
- Great Weather Year Round

Fantasy Liability's:
- Team likes to spread the ball around
- Would like to see more receptions