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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Tennessee Titans' Chris Johnson

4.2 speed with Pro Bowl moves and vision

First round pick Chris Johnson exploded onto the seen in 2008. Chris was the engine that made the Titans offense go and carried them to the top record in football.

Unfortunately in the playoffs Chris injured his ankle against the Ravens and the Titans wound up losing the game.

Johnson has all the tools to be the top pick in fantasy drafts. Explosion, touchdown maker and he's a good receiver as well.

If you were to ask Johnson what his goals are in 2009 he would tell you the sky is the limit. Even the Titans coaching staff have come out and said they need to get the ball to No.28 more this season.

Chris Johnson's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Right now there are only two major knocks on the man from Tennessee. Will Chris be able to duplicate his success from last year and two how many touchdowns will he lose to runner Lindell White again this year.

I personally believe the Titans will fall back to lets say a 9-7 season this year. Everything went their way last year and usually that doesn't happen twice.In the end for this season I see Chris as a top eight pick overall talent.

In future season I believe Johnson may be the No.1 overall pick for awhile in fantasy.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game Breaker

- 20 or more touches a game
- Touchdown Maker
- Solid Offensive line
- Great hand to catch the ball

Fantasy Liability's:

Vulture Lindell White ( Go away cream puff man!!)

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