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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Cincinnati Bengals' Carson Palmer

Palmer and the Bengals Fall Apart in 2008

Many fantasy football teams fell on hard times with their quarterback situation because of Carson Palmer. What little Carson did play in 2008 was a horrible performance. But in the end that was just it, he didn't play much because of an arm injury.

For awhile, there was talk that Palmer would under go Tommy John surgery on his throwing arm. But in the end No.9 choose to let the injury heal naturally.

So far in the off-season it looks like Palmer is back and healthy again so this decision of no surgery was probably a good one.

Bengals Choose Kicker over TJ Houshmanzada

This off-season the Bengals ownership didn't do Palmer any favors when they opted to not use their franchise tag on TJ Houshmanzada and instead used franchised their kicker.

With moves like that it's no wonder the Bengals suck just about every season. Houshmanzada, Palmer and Ochocinco should all get keys to the city, for the fact that they even won a division title in '05.

At least ownership did sign Lavernious Coles to replace TJ in the offense. This will still provide Carson with two solid targets going into 2009.

Rumors are also flying around Bengals camp that troubled wide receiver Chris Henry is looking great as well. Henry has always had talent and right now Cincinnati needs him, more then ever before.

Carson Palmers Fantasy Football Value

For the past few years Carson has been a top 5 quarterback in fantasy football drafts. But not this season as his value will drop way down. Main reason is because we all will never really know if Palmer is back from his arm problem, until he holds up for the entire 2009 season.

As for your fantasy draft, look to select Palmer as a backup quarterback for your team. As the season wears on and he proves himself he could be a valuable asset down the stretch.
If in fact Carson's arm is back then you will have a steal of a pick in No.9 this year for fantasy football.

Fantasy Assets:
- Touchdowns Maker
- Good Receivers
- Bad Defense (needs to throw a lot)

Fantasy Liability's:
- Needs to prove his arm is healthy
- Loss of TJ hurts (way to franchise the kicker management!)
- Bad Organization