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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Jacksonville Jaguars' Torry Holt

Player Info
The Greatest Show on Turf Comes to an End

Last year the Rams proved again why their organization is a complete joke. Not only did they fail rebuild the offensive line again, the coaches didn't even try to involve Holt in the offense.

If anything this lack of production in Torry's final year, killed his trade value for the organization.

This off-season St. Louis tried trading Holt but no takers were found. It's not that teams did not think No. 81 was still good, it was because they figured the Rams were going to let him go anyway.

Why then give up players or pick when you could just sign him in free agency. The Jaguars did just that and got themselves a great veteran receiver they really needed.

Torry will benefit form assets he never had in St. Louis. For one he has a mobile quarterback in David Garrard. His mobility and the fact the Jags have a solid line will help bye time to get Holt the ball.

Another reason for success, is now Holt is on a team that is fully committed to getting him the football. I also believe Torry will benefit from playing on grass now in his later years of his career.

Torry Holt's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

In the end Holt is going to have a fine pro bowl year in season one with the Jags. The table is set and dinner will be served up for Torry this entire year as the Jags go back to the post season.Torry will make a fine 6th round selection for your fantasy team in 2009.

Fantasy Assets:
  • Touchdown Maker
  • Solid All Around Skills
  • Solid Supporting Cast
  • Good Weather Year Round

Fantasy Liability's:
  • He's not the Burner he once was
  • On a run first offense
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