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Monday, June 15, 2009

Fantasy Player Rankings: Chargers' Darren Sproles

Sproles to Back up LT in 2009

While Darren is a great special teams player, he will never be a feature runner for an entire season. The man is just too small and fragile to carry that kind of load in the NFL. But he will be and excellent runner to come into games and give LT a breather during the season.

Beyond giving LT some rest, look for Sproles to handle the mop up work, at the end of blow outs. San Diego is a classic one year great and next year average team, that means they are due for a great year in '09.

One has to believe that with the Raiders and Chiefs still rebuilding and the Broncos imploding, the Chargers should easily win the west.

This basically means that some weeks Sproles should have solid fantasy stats, as San Diego rest LT when they blow out some of these easy teams during the season.

Darren Sproles Fantasy Football Value in 2009

If you are desperate to fill a starting role for running on your team this season, Darren may be worth a play when the Chargers face a bad team.

Darren has game breaking skills and is a solid receiver. But as long as No.21 is playing in San Diego, Sproles will always get the left over scraps on the dinner table.

Look to draft Sproles as a late round hand cuff to LT and hold onto him throughout the season. If Tomlinson has another injury, Darren should be a strong fantasy option as the season goes along.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game breaker
- On a great team

Fantasy Liability's
- Touchdowns
- Back up role
- Health a question mark

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