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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson

Peterson Leads Vikings to Division Championship
Adrian is hands down the most explosive back in Fantasy Football. He has an amazing ability (almost like Barry Sanders) to make defenders play on their heels and second guess what No.28 will do next.

Last year marked the first season Peterson played the entire schedule of his season since High School. Right now the only major thing Adrian doesn't have is great pass catching ability's.

Adrian Peterson's Fantasy Football Value in 2009
If he is to truly be the next No.1 stud hands down he needs to at least sprinkle in some good reception totals.

For now All Day is the top fantasy player but only because he is the best of the bunch if you will. Not because
he is head and shoulders above the rest. Like LT used to be for example.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game Breaker
- Touchdown Maker
- 20 touches or more a game
- Great Offensive Line
- Consistent

Fantasy Liability's:

- Pass Catching

- Bad Quarterback's