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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Minnesota Vikings' Sage Rosenfels

Sage needs to cut down on the mistakes

I want to like Rosenfels for his run and gun style of play but the man just makes too many mistakes.

Rosenfels can go out and make some great plays and then make a horrible one, like the fumble against the Colts in the 4th quarter. In that contest, Sage for all intents and purpose was trying to make a John Elway super bowl type of play to get a first down.

Only problem was he went air born, got hit by three guys and fumbled the ball. One of the Colts defenders then picked the ball up and scored a touchdown. The Texans went on to lose the game after this momentum shift.

I really felt bad for Sage after that game because before that happened he was having a good game filling in for Matt Schuab. If they had beat-in the Colts that day it would have been a huge confidence booster for the franchise.

But that is Rosenfels in a nut shell, the guy is that close to being a solid pro and then..........

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Sage Rosenfels Fantasy Football Value in 2009

For all of Sage's problems the man can make some plays as well. He proved this in 2007 when in a 9 game stint he put up 15 touchdowns and almost 1,700 yards passing.

In the end Rosenfels did sign with the Vikings and now should be the starter (pending Favre signing) for the Minnesota.

While Tavaris
Jackson is talented, he is better suited as a backup. Sage can make better throws down the field and at times look like a very good quarterback.

If Favre does in fact stay retired look for Sage as a decent backup in deep fantasy leagues this season. But if Brett should sign with the Vikings, Rosenfels won't see the field, as No.4 never misses games.

Fantasy Assets:
- Has talented Receivers
- Solid Offensive Line
- Plays in a Dome

Fantasy Liability's
-May not start for the entire year
-Plays in a Heavy Run First Offense

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