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Monday, June 8, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Denver Broncos' Knowshon Moreno

You don't have to watch Knowshon on film long to see he has the entire package for a runner.

With good speed, great vision and top end ability to catch the football. This is a kid that makes you want to stretch maybe a round or two higher to draft him.

However one must temper those thoughts of fantasy success, when you look at the team he is on right now.

Broncos Franchise is in turmoil

It almost ticks me off, that now the Broncos select the guy we've waited to see Denver draft since they lost Clinton Portis. I can't help but feel that if Shannahan, would have not tried to be so cheep and just drafted a 1st round running back, he would still be with the Broncos.

Reality is that Mike was fired and then Jay Cutler complained his way into a trade.
The decision to move these to men away from the organization did not sit well with Bronco fans.

If the Denver starts out slow, mile high fans will be screaming at the new coach and management for creating the current situation.

With this situation in mind it may be wise as a fantasy owner, to step back and let someone else bid a bit too high on this stud runner. By next year we will all know more about where the direction the organization is headed.

Knowshon Moreno's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

If you do decide to take No.27, you could be getting a player that gives you the extra explosion you need to win those close weeks.

Or new head coach
Josh McDaniels (Patriots offensive coordinator) might use a running back by committee with Lamont Jordan and Correll Buckhalter.

My personal hunch is that if coach McDaniels wanted a true committee, he would not have drafted Moreno as the 12th overall pick. Knowshon was not projected to be drafted that high and the Broncos could have waited and drafted him with the 18th pick in the first round.

Expect Knowshon to have inconsistent play this season, as the Broncos offense edjusts to their new version of the west coast offense. If you select Moreno with your 5th or 6th round pick I believe you will get fair value in his rookie season.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game Breaker
- Great Receiver
- Good Offensive Line

Fantasy Liability's:
- His team is in turmoil
- Will Knowshon be used like Maroney?

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