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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fantasy Player Rankings: Eagles' DeSean Jackson

Can DeSean Score Touchdowns?

Action Jackson would of had 4 total touchdowns for the season, if he had not celebrated early against the Cowboys, on a long catch from McNabb. But instead DeSean maid a foolish error on national tv and only had 3 touchdowns (not counting special teams) in 2008.

Now if you are in a league that gets credit for the touchdowns he scores in special teams your gold with this receiver. But if you are in leagues that don't give credit to his dazzling punt returns his 3 touchdowns total (2 catching, 1 rushing) are concerning.

If Jackson had a bigger frame of a body, I would feel better about his chances to score. Then again if he was bigger he would have been a top 10 pick in the NFL draft last year and not slipped into the second round.

I do believe No.10 will be Donovan's top receiver for awhile. How ever don't expect more than seven receiving touchdown in anyone season.

DeSean Jackson's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Look for Jackson to take over the No.1 receiver role in the Eagles offense this year. While his touchdowns may come sporadically his reception totals and yardage will not.

McNabb loves to throw to the Cal Berkley product in his west coast offense.

This season long time defensive coordinator Jim Johnson will miss the year fighting a battle with cancer. The Eagles also lost defensive captain safety Brian Dawkins to the Broncos.

These key departures will hurt the Eagles defense, thus they will be in shoot outs more often. Because of this Jackson will receive plenty of opportunity to succeed in 2009.

Look for Jackson as a 7th to 8th round pick in this years fantasy football draft. Next year he will probably be a 5th round pick as he becomes a more complete receiver.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game breaker
- Pass first offense
- Great quarterback

Fantasy Liability's:
- Needs more touchdowns
- Small Frame
- Only in his 2nd season

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