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Friday, June 5, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Dallas Cowboys' Felix Jones

Player Info:

If only Felix Jones would have stayed healthy

After the first six games of the season, Felix Jones looked like he was about to take more carries away from Marion Barber.

With explosive running in the opportunity's he received, Jones put on a show. In 30 rushing attempts, he posted an outstanding 8.3 yards per carry and 3 touchdowns.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, Felix injured himself and was done for the season. To me the Cowboys had many flaws last season, but if this guy stays healthy they would have made the playoffs and probably done well when they got there.

Rushing roles change in Dallas

It looks like is planning to use Felix Jones in the same way they used Julius Jones this season. This means Felix will be the starter and Barber will come in and close the games out.

While Felix will start, this does not mean Marion Barber isn't a talented runner; he's great for what he does. And what he excels at is coming into a game and punishing a defense while he's fresh and they are a little tired.

Felix Jones Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Felix is a more explosive version of Julius Jones in the Cowboys offense. He won't be a double digit touchdown maker this year, but he will have some long touchdown runs when he breaks away in the open field. With the Cowboys losing Terrell Owens and a strong need to keep Tony Romo upright this year, the boys will use their runners to dominate the game. I believe this formula of offense is when is at their best.

Once people notice that Dallas has two star running backs it will be to late, as defenses will have to game plan on how to stop their run first approach. Using the run game first will in turn open up the passing lanes, for Tony Romo and his receivers, especially Roy Williams down the field. Look for Felix Jones in the middle rounds of your fantasy football draft, as a rock solid flex play.

Fantasy Assets:
- Game Breaker
- Great Team Around Him
- In a Run First Offense (This Year)

Fantasy Liability's:
- Will lose TD's to Marion Barber
- Need to show his Durability

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