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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Indianapolis Colts' Joseph Addai

Biggest Disappointment in 2008 Goes To.....

In 2007 Joseph claimed the starting running back role in the Colts offense. That season Addai amassed over 1,400 total yards and 15 touchdowns.

With Joseph in the prime of his career and on the high powered Colts offense, one could only envision more success for this young runner in 2008.

Coming into his 3rd season in the NFL No. 29 was drafted in the first round in most fantasy football leagues around the world.

Unfortunately for fantasy owners, Addai flopped and produced only 600 total yard 7 touchdown effort in 08. Granted he did miss 4 games with an injury, but he just didn't seem to be the same explosive player he was a season ago.

Colts Draft a 1st Round Running Back/ Coach Staff Turnover

In the 2009 NFL draft, Joseph saw his fantasy value drop when the Indianapolis drafted 1st round runner Donald Brown. Addai will be the No.1 runner in a heavy two back system.

What may hurt Joseph's ranking the most is his coaching staff, is in massive turnover this season.The Colts coaching staff is in disarray as his Head coach, O-line coach and offensive coordinator are all gone. Not to menchine the Colts quarterback coach and deffensive coordinator as well.

On some teams offense coordinators change (49ers) every year. The Colts how ever had their OC and offensive line coach, throughout Peyton Manning's career. In the end you just don't lose that chemistry and not go through some bumps in the road for awhile.

Joseph Addai's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Addai is still a young talented runner. Even though the addition of first round pick Donald Brown hurt his value, it may keep him healthy for the entire year. Joseph has struggled with health issues since his days at LSU.

If you acquire Joe as a 3rd back /flex play in fantasy leagues this season, I believe you will have him at fair value. Look for Joesph to receive the lions share of the touchdown opportunity's this season.

Fantasy Assets:
-Good Offense Around Him
- Touchdown Maker
- Good Receiving Skills
- Game Breaker

Fantasy Liability's
- In a Split Back Situation
- Health is an Issue
- Lots of Change in the Coaching Staff

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