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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Dallas Cowboy's Tight End Jason Witten

Player Info:

Romo will pass more to JasonWitten in 2009

While Jason's reception and yardage numbers were fine last year, but his touchdown total dropped from 7 to 4.

With Terrell Owens now gone this off-season, the Cowboys have a big hole to fill in the passing game. Romo has great chemistry with his tight end so look for, Tony to go his way early and often.

Roy Williams should also be an asset to Jason, mainly because defenses have to respect him down the field. This in turn keeps the middle of the field, open for Witten, as safety's play back more often.

I believe #82 will make a strong run at, 100 receptions for 1,200 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Jason Witten's Fantasy Football Value in 2009
Look for Jason to have a strong consistent season this year. No doubt Witten will help carry this passing offense at times while Roy Williams and Tony work out their chemistry together.

Draft Witten as a top tight end in your fantasy draft and enjoy a fine season

Fantasy Assets:
- Great Overall Skills
- Solid Quarterback
- Great Supporting Cast
- Plays in a Dome

Fantasy Liability's:
- Needs to Improve on Touchdowns

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