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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Green Bay Packers' Greg Jennings

Aaron Rodgers Impact on the Packers Offense

Even before the '08 season began Aaron Rodgers had to deal with fans booing him while he came into training camp.

The main reason was because Green Bay's beloved quarterback Brett Favre wanted to come back and play with the organization, but the Packers didn't want him back, opting for Rodgers instead.

Poor Rodgers had nothing to do with any of this but never the less Packer fans seemed to hold him accountable. Aaron fought back when the regular season came with his play on the field, show the world he has what it takes to run the Packers offense effectively.

This benefited Greg Jennings who went on to have a nice year with 1292 yards receiving, 16.2 yards per catch and 9 touchdowns. Now that Rodgers has proven himself, fantasy owners can draft Jennings without worry of if he has a capable quarterback.

Greg Jennings Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Greg has now put together two fine fantasy seasons back to back in his young three years in the NFL. In 2008 he had a great year with Brett Favre and last year with Aaron Rodgers. Jennings is also one of the most explosive receivers in the league as well, with yards per catch of 17.4 in '08 and 16.2 in '09.

With 21 touchdowns in that span he has also prov-en he can take those big catches and convert them into touchdowns.

No.85 makes for an excellent No.1 receiver for your fantasy football team this year. Look to select him in the 3rd round, then whomp on this cheese head to ensure for a successful fantasy season.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game Breaker
- Touchdown Maker
- Solid Offense/ Quarterback
- Has a good No.2 in Driver to help take pressure off

Fantasy Liability's:
- Can be a little injury prone
- Plays on the frozen tundra in December