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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Buffalo Bills' Trent Edwards

Trent Edwards Gets Top Fantasy Upgrade in TO

Edwards was having a good 2008 until around mid season when the team fell apart. This off-season Buffalo gave Trent another play maker in Terrell Owens.

It seems that so far no one wants to talk about how this move will impact Edwards value. Instead everyone chooses to talk about how TO will be a cancer on the offense.

Terrell Owens has done nothing but make his teams quarterback a top 15 fantasy selection, at that position every year.

Things are no different with Edwards as now he not only has Owens but Lee Evans as a No.2 receiver. While Marshawn Lynch will no doubt serve a suspension, Trent will still have a good receiving running back in Freddy Jackson as well.

On the Downside

The one major negative Edwards had in the off-season is that his All-Pro left tackle (Jason Peters) was traded away to the Eagles. If the rest of Trents offensive line can not pickup the slack, it may lead to extra punishment from defenses.

Trent Edwards Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Edwards is at least a top 15 talent quarterback this season. With Owens on a 1 year deal he will have plenty of incentive to be a good boy and perform.

Lee Evans now becomes one of the best compliment receivers in football, as he will not have to face the top corner every week.

Unless you play in a very deep fantasy league, No. 5 should only be viewed as a early backup quarterback coming into 2009. Look for Trent as high as the 12th round in your fantasy football draft.

Fantasy Assets:
- Elite receiving core
- Strong arm

Fantasy Liability's:
- The loss of his left tackle hurts
- Bad weather in December

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