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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo

Tony Romo Loses His No.1 Receiver

Romo and the Cowboys did not live up to their lofty expectation a year ago. In fact Dallas did not even make a trip to the playoffs in 2008.

When the off-season came many fingers were pointed at Terrell Owens being the main reason the Cowboys struggled. Common belief in the media was that Owens was a big bad bully and always cried for the football.

Because of this Romo maid poor decisions and tried to force the ball to No.81 more often then he should have.

While I do think some of this is true, I also believe Terrell was used as a scape goat. If it is true that Romo made poor decisions because a receiver was in his ear too much, then Tony will struggle the rest of his career. Point is I don't care what receiver it is, they are always in your ear about how they were open and this and that.

Anyway the Cowboys sent Owens packing and now Roy Williams (acquired in a trade with the Lions) will ascend into the No.1 receiver role for Dallas.

For my money I want to like Roy, I really do but this guy just seems to clown around too much. Everyone knows that the Lions had a bad season last year, but it was classless on his part when the media asked Roy about the Lions and he dogged them.

Then Williams blamed his lack of success in the Cowboys offense to the same problem Owens was supposedly complaining about and that was not getting the ball enough.

This year there are no excesses for Williams if he does not produce, the fans at the new Dallas stadium are going to boo him out of town. If that is the case he deserves what he gets.

Tony Romo's Fantasy Value in 2009

Now that there is no true prov-en No.1 receiver in Dallas, look for the Cowboys to be a run first offense. They have two excellent backs in Felix Jones and Marion Barber.

Romo still has his go to man over the middle in Jason Witten and Roy Williams is a talented receiver as well.

But if Williams should fail as the top receiver, I believe you will see another receiver (Patrick Crayton maybe) become valuable player for this team.

Look to draft Romo in the 4th or 5th round in your fantasy football draft this season. Tony will still give you solid numbers.

Fantasy Assets:
- Good offense
- Touchdowns maker
- Good yardage numbers
- Plays in a dome

Fantasy Liability's:
- Will be in a run first offense this year
- Can Roy Williams be a No.1 receiver?

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