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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fantasy Player Rankings: Arizona Cardinals' Chris "Beanie" Wells

A Perfect Fit for Both Sides

Chris had a great college season in 2007 upon receiving the starting job from Ohio State. In 2008 how ever he struggled at times in the Buckeye offense, when the team looked to him to carry the entire team.

In the NFL Draft , Chris was expected to be a top twenty pick, but dropped to the 31st pick with the Arizona Cardinals.

This was a perfect fit for Arizona whom desperately needed a runner. Beanie will help them at the very least as a player that can grind out the clock in the fourth quarter.

The Cardinals are a great fit for Wells also. Chris needed a team that had a solid passing game, so that he would not have to take on all the pressure to make the offense go.

In this top flight passing offense, defenses will not be able to load up in the box to stuff the run. Because of this respect, No.26 will consistently be able to break though the line of scrimmage and punish defenders with a full head of steam.

Chris Wells Fantasy Football Ranking for 2009

I think Knowshon Moreno is a better running back and was worth the 12 pick overall this years NFL draft. But it may be Wells that has the more productive season in 2009.

With a great team around him in a weak division, Chris will get every opportunity to succeed this year. I liken his game to Brandon Jacobs, big and fast for his size.
Beyond those talents, what makes Beanie special for a big man is his ability to change direction on a dime.

In a standout offense and on a team that needs his services right away, Chris is in line for at least 10 touchdowns in his rookie season. Look for Wells as a solid No.2 running back in your fantasy draft this season.

Fantasy Assets:
- Touchdown maker
- 20 plus carries a game
- Great offense around him

Fantasy Liability's:

- Pass catching

- Durability?