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Monday, June 15, 2009

Fantasy Player Rankings: Bears' Devin Hester

Congratulations Bear Fans this is your No.1 Receiver......Again!

Maybe I should give the Bears a pass for not getting a solid receiver in free agency, because the got Jay Cutler. But if I did that I would be a nice guy and that's not my style.

Don't get me wrong Bear fans, you see I'm a San Fransisco Giants fan and I know what it's like when ownership won't help the team. The SF Giants are probably the worst hitting team ever and it's understandable when the only talent they have is very raw. Then ownership goes out and give the same old, "well we tried to get this guy but" routine in the off-season.

For Bear fans that means your left with a No.1 receiver that is wearing a corner backs number on his jersey!

Like the Giants hitting the Bears receiving situation right now is a complete joke. I almost hope no receivers on the Bears roster do a darn thing so ownership won't be let off the hook.

Devin Hester is a very talented player, but the man has never been a full time receiver until a couple years ago. Maybe some day Hester will be a nice No.2 receiver for the Bears, but as of now should be a No.3.

Hey we have Earl Bennett!

Please Bear fans don't tell me Earl Bennett is going to save the day. The only reason he is even being talked about is because he played in college with Cutler. If Jay was not on the team no one would know who this guy is.

Maybe Bennett will amount to something this year. But if you feel confident coming into the season with Earl as you top receiver, then I say go see a doctor.

Hester's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Look for No.23 to improve on his numbers from a year ago. Now that Jay Cutler is under center, I see a 60 reception, 800 yard 5 touchdown effort from Hester. Really that would be very good coming from a guy that is still learning on the job in the NFL.

Look to grab Devin as a late round fantasy stash and see if both he and Cutler find chemistry together.

Fantasy Assets:
- Game breaker
- Solid quarterback

Fantasy Liability's:

- Still a raw talent
- In a run first offense
- Bad weather in December

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