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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: San Francisco 49ers' Michael Crabtree

Crank that Crabtree
Michael broke just about every record for a receiver at Texas Tech in his two seasons on campus. Both years he also was awarded the Fred Biletnikoff award, which is a big deal for a college receiver. He is the only wide out in College history to achieve this award two times.

Also given the fact he had this success as a freshman and a sophomore is even more impressive. I believe the 49ers have themselves the next great receiver in their history as a franchise.

It also can't hurt Crabtree that Jerry Rice lives only 10 minutes away from the 49ers practice facility, no doubt he will give Mike some solid pointers on how to be a great player in the NFL.

Will Mike be a Starter at the Beginning of the Season?
Isaac Bruce his slated to start in what is probably his last year. Josh Morgan and Michael play the same position on the field. So this years camp will be a dog fight between a two talented young players.

If Crabtree was a junior or seiner coming out of college I wouldn't doubt his starting spot this year. But since he is young and coming of foot surgery this year might start a little slow. Will need to keep an eye on how he's doing in August pre-season games and I will up date you all on how this battle is going in that month.

Michael Crabtree's Fantasy Football Value in 2009
Right now I would suggest stashing Michael away as your No.4 or 5 receiver. He may start the first month of the year slow, but he is just too darn good to not make an impact in year one.

This kid is a no doubt play-maker with a great nose for the end zone (averaged 20 TD's a year in college). In my mind if Josh Morgan was so good why for one didn't he have better numbers last year. And for two why was he always getting hurt? Yes Mike will find the field and play well this year.Look to draft him in the later round and hold onto him during the season.

Fantasy Assets:
- Touchdown Maker
- Solid PPR Receiver (Points Per Reception)
- Top End Receiving Ability's

Fantasy Liability's:
- He is a Young Rookie
- Fighting for Time with Josh Morgan
- Coming off of Foot Surgery
- Run First Offense

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