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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fantasy Player Rankings: Dolphins' Ted Ginn Jr.

Ginn Jr. will take another step in 2009

Last year really helped Ginn's fantasy value coming into this season. Mainly because he now has a capable quarterback and rock solid supporting cast around him.

The third season in a receivers carrier is usually the year he breaks out and truly establishes himself in the NFL. While Ted has not posted more then two touchdowns in a single year, one has to believe he will go past that number this season.

Good supporting Cast

With a running game people have to respect and the "wildcat" offense in place for explosive plays look for the Dolphins to exploit teams down the field. When it comes to long balls one can only think of Ginn as he is truly the speed burner on this team.

Chad Pennington may not have the strongest arm but he is a precise passer. Chad should be more comfortable in the the Dolphins offense now that he has had a full off-season with the team.

Ted Ginn Jr.'s fantasy football value in 2009

Look for this talented burner to post at least 950 yards and 5 touchdowns in his third year out of Ohio State. That may not seem like much but remember this kid has great ability's once the ball is in his hands. By next season Ginn should be in line to have a better year than in this one. That is as long as the quarterback play remains solid.

Look for Ginn in the later part of the middle rounds. He will make for a nice No.4 receiver this season.

Fantasy Assets:
- Speed
- Good team around him
- Good weather

Fantasy Liability's:

- On a run first team
- Needs to improve his touchdown totals

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Fantasy Player Rankings: Jets' Shonn Greene

Playing the Spoiler Role in 2009

In this years draft you will see teams probably draft Thomas Jones in the first 5 rounds. You may even see teams take a stab at back up runner Leon Washington. But you would be a wise fantasy owner to pay attention to 3rd round rook runner Shonn Greene.

Greene had a very good junior year at Iowa posting 307 carries, 1.850 yards and 20 touchdowns. For this season the key stat in those numbers is the 20 touchdowns. Shonn's playing weight is 235 pounds, this size clearly makes him the biggest runner on the Jets roster.

Last year Thomas Jones had 15 touchdowns, but that was by far his best totals in his career. Jones received those numbers mainly because of two reasons. For one he had Brett Favre and defense's had to respect the pass. The second reason was that the Jets didn't have a big physical runner on the roster (Leon was his backup).

Shonn Greene's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Look for Shonn to be the main career in goal line situations. He may make a reasonable run for double digit touchdowns with the team he is on. This will make Greene the second most valuable runner on the Jets roster for fantasy, ahead of Leon Washington.

As far as who will receive the bulk of the carries on the team, there is no doubt Thomas Jones will still see the heavy work load. For now Shonn makes for a nice stash away deep in your fantasy draft.

Fantasy Assets:

-Great offensive line
-Good team around him
-Touchdown maker

Fantasy Liability's:
-In a three back committee
-Has a rookie Quarterback

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Fantasy Player Rankings: Chargers' Darren Sproles

Sproles to Back up LT in 2009

While Darren is a great special teams player, he will never be a feature runner for an entire season. The man is just too small and fragile to carry that kind of load in the NFL. But he will be and excellent runner to come into games and give LT a breather during the season.

Beyond giving LT some rest, look for Sproles to handle the mop up work, at the end of blow outs. San Diego is a classic one year great and next year average team, that means they are due for a great year in '09.

One has to believe that with the Raiders and Chiefs still rebuilding and the Broncos imploding, the Chargers should easily win the west.

This basically means that some weeks Sproles should have solid fantasy stats, as San Diego rest LT when they blow out some of these easy teams during the season.

Darren Sproles Fantasy Football Value in 2009

If you are desperate to fill a starting role for running on your team this season, Darren may be worth a play when the Chargers face a bad team.

Darren has game breaking skills and is a solid receiver. But as long as No.21 is playing in San Diego, Sproles will always get the left over scraps on the dinner table.

Look to draft Sproles as a late round hand cuff to LT and hold onto him throughout the season. If Tomlinson has another injury, Darren should be a strong fantasy option as the season goes along.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game breaker
- On a great team

Fantasy Liability's
- Touchdowns
- Back up role
- Health a question mark

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Fantasy Player Rankings: Falcons' Roddy White

Matt Ryan and the Rise of the Falcons

Coming into the 2008 season I thought the Falcons were at team headed in the right direction. With key acquisitions in running back Michael Turner and 1st round pick quarterback Matt Ryan.

Little did I realize what a major impact both of those players would have on this team right away. No doubt Ryan's progression was helped by having a dominant running game, but he was also greatly helped by true No.1 wide receiver Roddy White.

No.84 proved in 2007 he could have success with any average Joe quarterback at the helm that year, with 1200 yards and 6 touchdowns. But for Roddy to post 1,382 yards, 88 catches and 7 touchdowns last year was remarkable. Wide Receivers are supposed to struggle with rookie quarterbacks on conservative running teams.

In the first couple games of the year White started slow. But in week three Matt Ryan started finding his top target against the Chiefs and Roddy never looked back.

Roddy White's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

With Matt Ryan no longer a rookie he will no doubt take another step in progressing in 2009. This progression plus the added addition of Hall of Fame Tight End Tony Gonzalez will only enhance Roddy's opportunities for success this year.

White's hands have improved since his days of dropping balls for quarterback Michael Vick and his speed is top end in the National Football League.

What I love about Roddy is his ability to break away from defenders in tight spaces. Look for White to light up the score boards again in 2009, while he improves on his 7 touchdown total from a year ago.

Roddy makes for a solid No.1 receiver in fantasy leagues this season. While he's not a 1st or 2nd round pick, White does make for a solid 3rd rounder in 2009

Fantasy Assets:
- Game Breaker
- Solid offense around him
- Now has Tony Gonzalez
- Plays in a dome

Fantasy Liability's:
- Needs to Improve on his touchdown totals

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Fantasy Player Rankings: Bears' Devin Hester

Congratulations Bear Fans this is your No.1 Receiver......Again!

Maybe I should give the Bears a pass for not getting a solid receiver in free agency, because the got Jay Cutler. But if I did that I would be a nice guy and that's not my style.

Don't get me wrong Bear fans, you see I'm a San Fransisco Giants fan and I know what it's like when ownership won't help the team. The SF Giants are probably the worst hitting team ever and it's understandable when the only talent they have is very raw. Then ownership goes out and give the same old, "well we tried to get this guy but" routine in the off-season.

For Bear fans that means your left with a No.1 receiver that is wearing a corner backs number on his jersey!

Like the Giants hitting the Bears receiving situation right now is a complete joke. I almost hope no receivers on the Bears roster do a darn thing so ownership won't be let off the hook.

Devin Hester is a very talented player, but the man has never been a full time receiver until a couple years ago. Maybe some day Hester will be a nice No.2 receiver for the Bears, but as of now should be a No.3.

Hey we have Earl Bennett!

Please Bear fans don't tell me Earl Bennett is going to save the day. The only reason he is even being talked about is because he played in college with Cutler. If Jay was not on the team no one would know who this guy is.

Maybe Bennett will amount to something this year. But if you feel confident coming into the season with Earl as you top receiver, then I say go see a doctor.

Hester's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Look for No.23 to improve on his numbers from a year ago. Now that Jay Cutler is under center, I see a 60 reception, 800 yard 5 touchdown effort from Hester. Really that would be very good coming from a guy that is still learning on the job in the NFL.

Look to grab Devin as a late round fantasy stash and see if both he and Cutler find chemistry together.

Fantasy Assets:
- Game breaker
- Solid quarterback

Fantasy Liability's:

- Still a raw talent
- In a run first offense
- Bad weather in December

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Washington Redskins' Clinton Portis

Clinton and the Redskins Offense

Clinton Portis looked like he was on his way to an MVP season in the first half of the year. But then injury's hampered his success and both he and the Redskins fell out of sight in 2008.

While Portis has never really been the explosive runner as he was in Denver, he has been a very solid feature runner for Washington.

Quarterback Jason Campbell took another step forward in his progression and Santana Moss came back to life. Throw in Chirs Cooley and the Redskins have a good future in their offensive weapons.

Jason Campbell should improve in 2009

I couldn't understand why the Skins seemed to be so ready to let go of Jason Campbell, as rumors went about that they were shopping him. But because of the way Jason handled the situation
I believe he became a player others on the team look at with respect.

Not to also say that these rumors I'm sure lite a fire in Campbell to want to go out and prove his doubters wrong. Look for Jason to up his touchdown totals to twenty plus in his second season in head coach Jim Zorn's offense.

Clinton Portis Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Campbell's progression will play a key role in Clinton's fantasy value. If Jason can start beating defenses down the field more with Santana Moss, things will open up more for Clinton in the running lanes.

Thus making No.26's work load a little easier and his yards per carry a bit higher. Portis should still make a run at 10 touchdowns this year as he is no doubt the "cow bell" in the offense.

Fantasy wise you should be looking for this running back, as a second round pick in your league this season.

Fantasy Assets:

- Constant
- Touchdown maker
- 20 touches or more a game
- Solid offensive line

Fantasy Liability's:
- Getting older
- Not a game breaker anymore

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fantasy Player Rankings: Eagles' DeSean Jackson

Can DeSean Score Touchdowns?

Action Jackson would of had 4 total touchdowns for the season, if he had not celebrated early against the Cowboys, on a long catch from McNabb. But instead DeSean maid a foolish error on national tv and only had 3 touchdowns (not counting special teams) in 2008.

Now if you are in a league that gets credit for the touchdowns he scores in special teams your gold with this receiver. But if you are in leagues that don't give credit to his dazzling punt returns his 3 touchdowns total (2 catching, 1 rushing) are concerning.

If Jackson had a bigger frame of a body, I would feel better about his chances to score. Then again if he was bigger he would have been a top 10 pick in the NFL draft last year and not slipped into the second round.

I do believe No.10 will be Donovan's top receiver for awhile. How ever don't expect more than seven receiving touchdown in anyone season.

DeSean Jackson's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Look for Jackson to take over the No.1 receiver role in the Eagles offense this year. While his touchdowns may come sporadically his reception totals and yardage will not.

McNabb loves to throw to the Cal Berkley product in his west coast offense.

This season long time defensive coordinator Jim Johnson will miss the year fighting a battle with cancer. The Eagles also lost defensive captain safety Brian Dawkins to the Broncos.

These key departures will hurt the Eagles defense, thus they will be in shoot outs more often. Because of this Jackson will receive plenty of opportunity to succeed in 2009.

Look for Jackson as a 7th to 8th round pick in this years fantasy football draft. Next year he will probably be a 5th round pick as he becomes a more complete receiver.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game breaker
- Pass first offense
- Great quarterback

Fantasy Liability's:
- Needs more touchdowns
- Small Frame
- Only in his 2nd season

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Fantasy Rankings: Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo

Tony Romo Loses His No.1 Receiver

Romo and the Cowboys did not live up to their lofty expectation a year ago. In fact Dallas did not even make a trip to the playoffs in 2008.

When the off-season came many fingers were pointed at Terrell Owens being the main reason the Cowboys struggled. Common belief in the media was that Owens was a big bad bully and always cried for the football.

Because of this Romo maid poor decisions and tried to force the ball to No.81 more often then he should have.

While I do think some of this is true, I also believe Terrell was used as a scape goat. If it is true that Romo made poor decisions because a receiver was in his ear too much, then Tony will struggle the rest of his career. Point is I don't care what receiver it is, they are always in your ear about how they were open and this and that.

Anyway the Cowboys sent Owens packing and now Roy Williams (acquired in a trade with the Lions) will ascend into the No.1 receiver role for Dallas.

For my money I want to like Roy, I really do but this guy just seems to clown around too much. Everyone knows that the Lions had a bad season last year, but it was classless on his part when the media asked Roy about the Lions and he dogged them.

Then Williams blamed his lack of success in the Cowboys offense to the same problem Owens was supposedly complaining about and that was not getting the ball enough.

This year there are no excesses for Williams if he does not produce, the fans at the new Dallas stadium are going to boo him out of town. If that is the case he deserves what he gets.

Tony Romo's Fantasy Value in 2009

Now that there is no true prov-en No.1 receiver in Dallas, look for the Cowboys to be a run first offense. They have two excellent backs in Felix Jones and Marion Barber.

Romo still has his go to man over the middle in Jason Witten and Roy Williams is a talented receiver as well.

But if Williams should fail as the top receiver, I believe you will see another receiver (Patrick Crayton maybe) become valuable player for this team.

Look to draft Romo in the 4th or 5th round in your fantasy football draft this season. Tony will still give you solid numbers.

Fantasy Assets:
- Good offense
- Touchdowns maker
- Good yardage numbers
- Plays in a dome

Fantasy Liability's:
- Will be in a run first offense this year
- Can Roy Williams be a No.1 receiver?

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Fantasy Rankings: Minnesota Vikings' Sage Rosenfels

Sage needs to cut down on the mistakes

I want to like Rosenfels for his run and gun style of play but the man just makes too many mistakes.

Rosenfels can go out and make some great plays and then make a horrible one, like the fumble against the Colts in the 4th quarter. In that contest, Sage for all intents and purpose was trying to make a John Elway super bowl type of play to get a first down.

Only problem was he went air born, got hit by three guys and fumbled the ball. One of the Colts defenders then picked the ball up and scored a touchdown. The Texans went on to lose the game after this momentum shift.

I really felt bad for Sage after that game because before that happened he was having a good game filling in for Matt Schuab. If they had beat-in the Colts that day it would have been a huge confidence booster for the franchise.

But that is Rosenfels in a nut shell, the guy is that close to being a solid pro and then..........

Click Here to Watch Video

Sage Rosenfels Fantasy Football Value in 2009

For all of Sage's problems the man can make some plays as well. He proved this in 2007 when in a 9 game stint he put up 15 touchdowns and almost 1,700 yards passing.

In the end Rosenfels did sign with the Vikings and now should be the starter (pending Favre signing) for the Minnesota.

While Tavaris
Jackson is talented, he is better suited as a backup. Sage can make better throws down the field and at times look like a very good quarterback.

If Favre does in fact stay retired look for Sage as a decent backup in deep fantasy leagues this season. But if Brett should sign with the Vikings, Rosenfels won't see the field, as No.4 never misses games.

Fantasy Assets:
- Has talented Receivers
- Solid Offensive Line
- Plays in a Dome

Fantasy Liability's
-May not start for the entire year
-Plays in a Heavy Run First Offense

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Fantasy Rankings: Baltimore Ravens' Mark Clayton

Mark Clayton is Ready to Make a Fantasy Impact

Last season started out very slow for Mark as he had a rookie quarterback under center in Baltimore. No.89 also found himself as the second receiver in the offense again, behind Derrick Mason.

This year look for Clayton to take another step on his way to being a solid fantasy receiver.

For one the Ravens finally have a legit quarterback in Joe Flacco. Joe will become a better passer (especially touchdowns) every year from here on out.

Derrick Mason is getting old and while he will still be productive, I believe the wear and tear of the NFL will hold him back more every year. Also Tod Heap is having problems returning to from a bad back.

Clayton is now heading into his 4th season in the league and should start to show the reasons why he was a mid 1st round pick out of Oklahoma.

Sports Videos, News, Blogs

Mark Clayton's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

I believe next season in 2010 Clayton will truly bust out for a big fantasy season. But this year look for him to at least get back to his rookie totals of 67 receptions for 939 yards and 5 touchdowns.

Mark could even give you 1,100 yards and 8 touchdowns, but that will depend on how healthy Mason can stay this year. In the end Clayton makes for a very nice No.4 receiver in your fantasy football draft.

Fantasy Assets:
- Good Skills
- Mason's skills are on the decline
- Solid Offensive Line

Fantasy Liability's:
- Run first offense
- While QB is good he is still young

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: New York Jets' Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez Goes to a Winning Team

Top five picks are not supposed to end up on winning teams. But for Mark Sanchez that very thing happened as the Jets moved up from pick 17 all the way to number 5.

Selecting Sanchez was probably the best move the Jets could of hoped for after losing star Brett Favre to retirement (until he goes to the Vikings). After Favre's retirement the Jets were left with only backup Kellen Clemons as a half way viable option to run New York's offense.

Now the Jets have a player they can lean on as a future star for years to come.

How will Sanchez be used in 2009?

The quarterback from Southern California will benefit from having talented tight end Dustin Keller and receiver Jericho Cotchery. While these pieces are good, Mark's best assets are his great offensive line, running game and defense.

Some wonder if Sanchez will be the starter come week one and for my money I say he will be. Most of the time you don't want to rush a young quarterback in to fast because they usually will have a very bad offensive line and team.

But in this situation Mark will have excellent protection to help him as he develops into a solid quarterback.

Mark Sanchez Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Fantasy football owners will probably have to wait till next year before Sanchez is really worth more than a deep backup.

This season will be all about letting Mark help the team but not hurt the team, by throwing too much. Running the ball and playing hard nose defense, will be the Jets staple playbook for success.

I do see Dustin Keller as a decent option as young quarterbacks love to lock onto a tight end for help. Jericho Cotchery is still good enough to get 1,000 yards and 6 touchdowns, but those numbers won't come in a consistent fashion.

Fantasy Assets:

-Great Offensive Line
-Strong Arm
-Good Mobility

Fantasy Liability's
-He's a Rookie
-Will be in a Run first offense
-The last thing a quarterback develops is touchdowns
-Bad weather in December

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Fantasy Rankings: Tennessee Titans' Chris Johnson

4.2 speed with Pro Bowl moves and vision

First round pick Chris Johnson exploded onto the seen in 2008. Chris was the engine that made the Titans offense go and carried them to the top record in football.

Unfortunately in the playoffs Chris injured his ankle against the Ravens and the Titans wound up losing the game.

Johnson has all the tools to be the top pick in fantasy drafts. Explosion, touchdown maker and he's a good receiver as well.

If you were to ask Johnson what his goals are in 2009 he would tell you the sky is the limit. Even the Titans coaching staff have come out and said they need to get the ball to No.28 more this season.

Chris Johnson's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Right now there are only two major knocks on the man from Tennessee. Will Chris be able to duplicate his success from last year and two how many touchdowns will he lose to runner Lindell White again this year.

I personally believe the Titans will fall back to lets say a 9-7 season this year. Everything went their way last year and usually that doesn't happen twice.In the end for this season I see Chris as a top eight pick overall talent.

In future season I believe Johnson may be the No.1 overall pick for awhile in fantasy.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game Breaker

- 20 or more touches a game
- Touchdown Maker
- Solid Offensive line
- Great hand to catch the ball

Fantasy Liability's:

Vulture Lindell White ( Go away cream puff man!!)

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Fantasy Rankings: Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson

Peterson Leads Vikings to Division Championship
Adrian is hands down the most explosive back in Fantasy Football. He has an amazing ability (almost like Barry Sanders) to make defenders play on their heels and second guess what No.28 will do next.

Last year marked the first season Peterson played the entire schedule of his season since High School. Right now the only major thing Adrian doesn't have is great pass catching ability's.

Adrian Peterson's Fantasy Football Value in 2009
If he is to truly be the next No.1 stud hands down he needs to at least sprinkle in some good reception totals.

For now All Day is the top fantasy player but only because he is the best of the bunch if you will. Not because
he is head and shoulders above the rest. Like LT used to be for example.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game Breaker
- Touchdown Maker
- 20 touches or more a game
- Great Offensive Line
- Consistent

Fantasy Liability's:

- Pass Catching

- Bad Quarterback's

Fantasy Rankings: Cincinnati Bengals' Carson Palmer

Palmer and the Bengals Fall Apart in 2008

Many fantasy football teams fell on hard times with their quarterback situation because of Carson Palmer. What little Carson did play in 2008 was a horrible performance. But in the end that was just it, he didn't play much because of an arm injury.

For awhile, there was talk that Palmer would under go Tommy John surgery on his throwing arm. But in the end No.9 choose to let the injury heal naturally.

So far in the off-season it looks like Palmer is back and healthy again so this decision of no surgery was probably a good one.

Bengals Choose Kicker over TJ Houshmanzada

This off-season the Bengals ownership didn't do Palmer any favors when they opted to not use their franchise tag on TJ Houshmanzada and instead used franchised their kicker.

With moves like that it's no wonder the Bengals suck just about every season. Houshmanzada, Palmer and Ochocinco should all get keys to the city, for the fact that they even won a division title in '05.

At least ownership did sign Lavernious Coles to replace TJ in the offense. This will still provide Carson with two solid targets going into 2009.

Rumors are also flying around Bengals camp that troubled wide receiver Chris Henry is looking great as well. Henry has always had talent and right now Cincinnati needs him, more then ever before.

Carson Palmers Fantasy Football Value

For the past few years Carson has been a top 5 quarterback in fantasy football drafts. But not this season as his value will drop way down. Main reason is because we all will never really know if Palmer is back from his arm problem, until he holds up for the entire 2009 season.

As for your fantasy draft, look to select Palmer as a backup quarterback for your team. As the season wears on and he proves himself he could be a valuable asset down the stretch.
If in fact Carson's arm is back then you will have a steal of a pick in No.9 this year for fantasy football.

Fantasy Assets:
- Touchdowns Maker
- Good Receivers
- Bad Defense (needs to throw a lot)

Fantasy Liability's:
- Needs to prove his arm is healthy
- Loss of TJ hurts (way to franchise the kicker management!)
- Bad Organization

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Green Bay Packers' Greg Jennings

Aaron Rodgers Impact on the Packers Offense

Even before the '08 season began Aaron Rodgers had to deal with fans booing him while he came into training camp.

The main reason was because Green Bay's beloved quarterback Brett Favre wanted to come back and play with the organization, but the Packers didn't want him back, opting for Rodgers instead.

Poor Rodgers had nothing to do with any of this but never the less Packer fans seemed to hold him accountable. Aaron fought back when the regular season came with his play on the field, show the world he has what it takes to run the Packers offense effectively.

This benefited Greg Jennings who went on to have a nice year with 1292 yards receiving, 16.2 yards per catch and 9 touchdowns. Now that Rodgers has proven himself, fantasy owners can draft Jennings without worry of if he has a capable quarterback.

Greg Jennings Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Greg has now put together two fine fantasy seasons back to back in his young three years in the NFL. In 2008 he had a great year with Brett Favre and last year with Aaron Rodgers. Jennings is also one of the most explosive receivers in the league as well, with yards per catch of 17.4 in '08 and 16.2 in '09.

With 21 touchdowns in that span he has also prov-en he can take those big catches and convert them into touchdowns.

No.85 makes for an excellent No.1 receiver for your fantasy football team this year. Look to select him in the 3rd round, then whomp on this cheese head to ensure for a successful fantasy season.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game Breaker
- Touchdown Maker
- Solid Offense/ Quarterback
- Has a good No.2 in Driver to help take pressure off

Fantasy Liability's:
- Can be a little injury prone
- Plays on the frozen tundra in December

Fantasy Rankings: Baltimore Ravens' Ray Rice

Taking Over as the Top Runner in Baltimore

Rice showed flashes of being a good runner in the NFL last year. But Ray was held back most of the year, being the third runner in a three man committee.

This off-season Willis McGahee had another surgery on his knee and some doubt he will come back and play much or at all this year.

At the start of June camps, McGahee has already been demoted to the second string behind Rice. When Willis was asked about his feelings on the demotion, he told reporters, "work is work."

Now for the record McGahee has never been shy of letting people know when he's not happy. So to see him satisfied with any work at all, should tell you he's not right physically.

LeRon McClain will still get the goal line work

While Rice is the most talented runner overall in the Ravens offense. It will be
LeRon McClain that receives most of the work inside the red zone, as the Ravens will use him to pound out the tough yards.

Ray Rice's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

If in fact McGahee can not play effectively this year, Rice will be a 1,000 yard runner this season. Beyond a good rushing total, Rice also supports solid hands for the receiving game, as he had 33 receptions a year ago. Ray will also benefit from a run friendly coordinator in Cam Camren and a strong offensive line.

Even with all those positives the man won't be a No.2 runner for your fantasy team until he can take some of the touchdowns (Rice had zero TD's in 2008) away from McClain.

Until that time Rice will be a boom or bust runner in 2009. Mainly because when he does score a touchdown it will come from a distance. If you select Rice as a fill in player for your fantasy team, just remember he will at least make a great start four weeks (against Bengals and Browns) out of the year.

Fantasy Assets:

- Good Overall Skills
- Great Offensive Line
- Run Heavy Offense
- Good Hands

Fantasy Liability's:
- Touchdowns
- Watch McGahee's progress

Fantasy Player Rankings: Arizona Cardinals' Chris "Beanie" Wells

A Perfect Fit for Both Sides

Chris had a great college season in 2007 upon receiving the starting job from Ohio State. In 2008 how ever he struggled at times in the Buckeye offense, when the team looked to him to carry the entire team.

In the NFL Draft , Chris was expected to be a top twenty pick, but dropped to the 31st pick with the Arizona Cardinals.

This was a perfect fit for Arizona whom desperately needed a runner. Beanie will help them at the very least as a player that can grind out the clock in the fourth quarter.

The Cardinals are a great fit for Wells also. Chris needed a team that had a solid passing game, so that he would not have to take on all the pressure to make the offense go.

In this top flight passing offense, defenses will not be able to load up in the box to stuff the run. Because of this respect, No.26 will consistently be able to break though the line of scrimmage and punish defenders with a full head of steam.

Chris Wells Fantasy Football Ranking for 2009

I think Knowshon Moreno is a better running back and was worth the 12 pick overall this years NFL draft. But it may be Wells that has the more productive season in 2009.

With a great team around him in a weak division, Chris will get every opportunity to succeed this year. I liken his game to Brandon Jacobs, big and fast for his size.
Beyond those talents, what makes Beanie special for a big man is his ability to change direction on a dime.

In a standout offense and on a team that needs his services right away, Chris is in line for at least 10 touchdowns in his rookie season. Look for Wells as a solid No.2 running back in your fantasy draft this season.

Fantasy Assets:
- Touchdown maker
- 20 plus carries a game
- Great offense around him

Fantasy Liability's:

- Pass catching

- Durability?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: San Francisco 49ers' Michael Crabtree

Crank that Crabtree
Michael broke just about every record for a receiver at Texas Tech in his two seasons on campus. Both years he also was awarded the Fred Biletnikoff award, which is a big deal for a college receiver. He is the only wide out in College history to achieve this award two times.

Also given the fact he had this success as a freshman and a sophomore is even more impressive. I believe the 49ers have themselves the next great receiver in their history as a franchise.

It also can't hurt Crabtree that Jerry Rice lives only 10 minutes away from the 49ers practice facility, no doubt he will give Mike some solid pointers on how to be a great player in the NFL.

Will Mike be a Starter at the Beginning of the Season?
Isaac Bruce his slated to start in what is probably his last year. Josh Morgan and Michael play the same position on the field. So this years camp will be a dog fight between a two talented young players.

If Crabtree was a junior or seiner coming out of college I wouldn't doubt his starting spot this year. But since he is young and coming of foot surgery this year might start a little slow. Will need to keep an eye on how he's doing in August pre-season games and I will up date you all on how this battle is going in that month.

Michael Crabtree's Fantasy Football Value in 2009
Right now I would suggest stashing Michael away as your No.4 or 5 receiver. He may start the first month of the year slow, but he is just too darn good to not make an impact in year one.

This kid is a no doubt play-maker with a great nose for the end zone (averaged 20 TD's a year in college). In my mind if Josh Morgan was so good why for one didn't he have better numbers last year. And for two why was he always getting hurt? Yes Mike will find the field and play well this year.Look to draft him in the later round and hold onto him during the season.

Fantasy Assets:
- Touchdown Maker
- Solid PPR Receiver (Points Per Reception)
- Top End Receiving Ability's

Fantasy Liability's:
- He is a Young Rookie
- Fighting for Time with Josh Morgan
- Coming off of Foot Surgery
- Run First Offense

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Fantasy Rankings: Kansas City Chiefs' Dwayne Bowe

Will Cassel Maintain Success from Patriots

Last season Dwayne Bowe took another step to becoming a top ten fantasy receiver, by posting 86 receptions, 1,022 yards and 7 touchdowns. All and all this was a very productive season for a receiver with heavy quarterback change early.

This year will be Bowe's 3rd season in the NFL and he won't have tight end Tony Gonzalez to take coverage away. Also he will have a new quarterback in Matt Cassel, who came over via trade from the Patriots.

Another benefit is that he now has the Cardinals offensive coordinator as a head coach. This will change their offense from run first to pass first.

Dwayne Bowe's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Some feel Matt Cassel was a one year wonder but even still, Matt will throw the football a lot this year and Dwayne is going to get his. No. 82 will probably even see more opportunity's inside the red zone for touchdowns, now that Gonzalez is gone to Atlanta.

Look for Bowe to have a better season than last year. While he may not be a top 10 fantasy receiver this year, he will be close. Look for around 1,200 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns in his 3rd year as a pro. Bowe should be selected no lower than the sixth round in your fantasy football draft.

Fantasy Assets:

- Has the skill set of a No.1 receiver
- In a pass friendly offense
- Has a capable Quarterback

Fantasy Liability's:
- On a bad team
- Will the loss of Tony hurt or help Bowe?

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Fantasy Rankings: Buffalo Bills' Trent Edwards

Trent Edwards Gets Top Fantasy Upgrade in TO

Edwards was having a good 2008 until around mid season when the team fell apart. This off-season Buffalo gave Trent another play maker in Terrell Owens.

It seems that so far no one wants to talk about how this move will impact Edwards value. Instead everyone chooses to talk about how TO will be a cancer on the offense.

Terrell Owens has done nothing but make his teams quarterback a top 15 fantasy selection, at that position every year.

Things are no different with Edwards as now he not only has Owens but Lee Evans as a No.2 receiver. While Marshawn Lynch will no doubt serve a suspension, Trent will still have a good receiving running back in Freddy Jackson as well.

On the Downside

The one major negative Edwards had in the off-season is that his All-Pro left tackle (Jason Peters) was traded away to the Eagles. If the rest of Trents offensive line can not pickup the slack, it may lead to extra punishment from defenses.

Trent Edwards Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Edwards is at least a top 15 talent quarterback this season. With Owens on a 1 year deal he will have plenty of incentive to be a good boy and perform.

Lee Evans now becomes one of the best compliment receivers in football, as he will not have to face the top corner every week.

Unless you play in a very deep fantasy league, No. 5 should only be viewed as a early backup quarterback coming into 2009. Look for Trent as high as the 12th round in your fantasy football draft.

Fantasy Assets:
- Elite receiving core
- Strong arm

Fantasy Liability's:
- The loss of his left tackle hurts
- Bad weather in December

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Denver Broncos' Knowshon Moreno

You don't have to watch Knowshon on film long to see he has the entire package for a runner.

With good speed, great vision and top end ability to catch the football. This is a kid that makes you want to stretch maybe a round or two higher to draft him.

However one must temper those thoughts of fantasy success, when you look at the team he is on right now.

Broncos Franchise is in turmoil

It almost ticks me off, that now the Broncos select the guy we've waited to see Denver draft since they lost Clinton Portis. I can't help but feel that if Shannahan, would have not tried to be so cheep and just drafted a 1st round running back, he would still be with the Broncos.

Reality is that Mike was fired and then Jay Cutler complained his way into a trade.
The decision to move these to men away from the organization did not sit well with Bronco fans.

If the Denver starts out slow, mile high fans will be screaming at the new coach and management for creating the current situation.

With this situation in mind it may be wise as a fantasy owner, to step back and let someone else bid a bit too high on this stud runner. By next year we will all know more about where the direction the organization is headed.

Knowshon Moreno's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

If you do decide to take No.27, you could be getting a player that gives you the extra explosion you need to win those close weeks.

Or new head coach
Josh McDaniels (Patriots offensive coordinator) might use a running back by committee with Lamont Jordan and Correll Buckhalter.

My personal hunch is that if coach McDaniels wanted a true committee, he would not have drafted Moreno as the 12th overall pick. Knowshon was not projected to be drafted that high and the Broncos could have waited and drafted him with the 18th pick in the first round.

Expect Knowshon to have inconsistent play this season, as the Broncos offense edjusts to their new version of the west coast offense. If you select Moreno with your 5th or 6th round pick I believe you will get fair value in his rookie season.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game Breaker
- Great Receiver
- Good Offensive Line

Fantasy Liability's:
- His team is in turmoil
- Will Knowshon be used like Maroney?

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Indianapolis Colts' Joseph Addai

Biggest Disappointment in 2008 Goes To.....

In 2007 Joseph claimed the starting running back role in the Colts offense. That season Addai amassed over 1,400 total yards and 15 touchdowns.

With Joseph in the prime of his career and on the high powered Colts offense, one could only envision more success for this young runner in 2008.

Coming into his 3rd season in the NFL No. 29 was drafted in the first round in most fantasy football leagues around the world.

Unfortunately for fantasy owners, Addai flopped and produced only 600 total yard 7 touchdown effort in 08. Granted he did miss 4 games with an injury, but he just didn't seem to be the same explosive player he was a season ago.

Colts Draft a 1st Round Running Back/ Coach Staff Turnover

In the 2009 NFL draft, Joseph saw his fantasy value drop when the Indianapolis drafted 1st round runner Donald Brown. Addai will be the No.1 runner in a heavy two back system.

What may hurt Joseph's ranking the most is his coaching staff, is in massive turnover this season.The Colts coaching staff is in disarray as his Head coach, O-line coach and offensive coordinator are all gone. Not to menchine the Colts quarterback coach and deffensive coordinator as well.

On some teams offense coordinators change (49ers) every year. The Colts how ever had their OC and offensive line coach, throughout Peyton Manning's career. In the end you just don't lose that chemistry and not go through some bumps in the road for awhile.

Joseph Addai's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Addai is still a young talented runner. Even though the addition of first round pick Donald Brown hurt his value, it may keep him healthy for the entire year. Joseph has struggled with health issues since his days at LSU.

If you acquire Joe as a 3rd back /flex play in fantasy leagues this season, I believe you will have him at fair value. Look for Joesph to receive the lions share of the touchdown opportunity's this season.

Fantasy Assets:
-Good Offense Around Him
- Touchdown Maker
- Good Receiving Skills
- Game Breaker

Fantasy Liability's
- In a Split Back Situation
- Health is an Issue
- Lots of Change in the Coaching Staff

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Jacksonville Jaguars' Torry Holt

Player Info
The Greatest Show on Turf Comes to an End

Last year the Rams proved again why their organization is a complete joke. Not only did they fail rebuild the offensive line again, the coaches didn't even try to involve Holt in the offense.

If anything this lack of production in Torry's final year, killed his trade value for the organization.

This off-season St. Louis tried trading Holt but no takers were found. It's not that teams did not think No. 81 was still good, it was because they figured the Rams were going to let him go anyway.

Why then give up players or pick when you could just sign him in free agency. The Jaguars did just that and got themselves a great veteran receiver they really needed.

Torry will benefit form assets he never had in St. Louis. For one he has a mobile quarterback in David Garrard. His mobility and the fact the Jags have a solid line will help bye time to get Holt the ball.

Another reason for success, is now Holt is on a team that is fully committed to getting him the football. I also believe Torry will benefit from playing on grass now in his later years of his career.

Torry Holt's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

In the end Holt is going to have a fine pro bowl year in season one with the Jags. The table is set and dinner will be served up for Torry this entire year as the Jags go back to the post season.Torry will make a fine 6th round selection for your fantasy team in 2009.

Fantasy Assets:
  • Touchdown Maker
  • Solid All Around Skills
  • Solid Supporting Cast
  • Good Weather Year Round

Fantasy Liability's:
  • He's not the Burner he once was
  • On a run first offense
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Dallas Cowboys' Felix Jones

Player Info:

If only Felix Jones would have stayed healthy

After the first six games of the season, Felix Jones looked like he was about to take more carries away from Marion Barber.

With explosive running in the opportunity's he received, Jones put on a show. In 30 rushing attempts, he posted an outstanding 8.3 yards per carry and 3 touchdowns.

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, Felix injured himself and was done for the season. To me the Cowboys had many flaws last season, but if this guy stays healthy they would have made the playoffs and probably done well when they got there.

Rushing roles change in Dallas

It looks like is planning to use Felix Jones in the same way they used Julius Jones this season. This means Felix will be the starter and Barber will come in and close the games out.

While Felix will start, this does not mean Marion Barber isn't a talented runner; he's great for what he does. And what he excels at is coming into a game and punishing a defense while he's fresh and they are a little tired.

Felix Jones Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Felix is a more explosive version of Julius Jones in the Cowboys offense. He won't be a double digit touchdown maker this year, but he will have some long touchdown runs when he breaks away in the open field. With the Cowboys losing Terrell Owens and a strong need to keep Tony Romo upright this year, the boys will use their runners to dominate the game. I believe this formula of offense is when is at their best.

Once people notice that Dallas has two star running backs it will be to late, as defenses will have to game plan on how to stop their run first approach. Using the run game first will in turn open up the passing lanes, for Tony Romo and his receivers, especially Roy Williams down the field. Look for Felix Jones in the middle rounds of your fantasy football draft, as a rock solid flex play.

Fantasy Assets:
- Game Breaker
- Great Team Around Him
- In a Run First Offense (This Year)

Fantasy Liability's:
- Will lose TD's to Marion Barber
- Need to show his Durability

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Fantasy Rankings: Seattle Seahawks' Matt Hasselbeck

Player Info:

The Seahawks struggle with Injuries

Seattle started off on the wrong foot as an offense from week one of the season on.

Their struggles were due in large part to injuries, as Deion Branch missed all but one game, in the first 9 weeks of the season. Receiver Nate Burlson tore his acl early in the year at Buffalo.

Matt Hasselbeck had problems as well with a back injury last year and struggle to play most of the season.

With key injuries to the team it is easy to understand why the Seahawks fell to a 4 and 12 record. This down fall allowed the Cardinals to win the division with only a 9 and 7 record.

Hasselbeck is now healthy and has a new N0.1 target

This spring Matt is back to his former self. Zipping the ball around and showing no signs of back issues.

Wide Receiver TJ Houshmanzada is now signed with the Seahawks, this gives them a true No.1 on the team.
Matt will also benefit from 2nd year tight end John Carlson. Throw in Branch and Burlson coming back and you have a good passing game.

Plus this team does not have a stud running back so they will need No. 8 to lead the team as a pass first, run second team offense.

Matt Hasselbeck's Fantasy Football Value

The Seahawks captain is just one year removed from his career best season when he had almost 4,000 yards passing and 28 touchdowns.

With a solid No. 1 receiver that has a history of being healthy in his resume, look for Matt to feel a rejuvenated urge to be aggressive with the football in 2009.

I believe Seattle will make a run at the Cardinals this year, for the NFC West Title.

Take Matt in your fantasy football draft as a top end, back up quarterback. This is the kind of guy that is worth stashing away in case your starter (Like Palmer or Brady last year) fails.

Fantasy Assets:
- Good Receiving Group
- In an Offense that should let him succeed
- Touchdown Maker

Fantasy Liability's:
- Needs to stay healthy
- Needs his Receivers to stay healthy
- Rains a lot in Seattle

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Oakland Raiders' Darren McFadden

Player Info:

Darren McFadden's Disappointing 2008 Rookie Season

Darren was supposed to be the 2008 version of Adrian Peterson. Yet instead McFadden, disappointed with only 113 carries for 499 yards and 4 touchdowns.

For all intents and purposes McFadden's rookie campaign was a bust.
True he came down with turf toe early and the Raiders decided to rest him for a few games. I believe this was a good move, as it will insure his toe stays healthy.

Deon Sanders played on turf toe and was never the dominant corner he used to be. I hope LT does not suffer the same as Deon because he played on his turf toe last year without resting it.

Another problem Darren had is that the Raiders, choose to give the starting job to veteran runner Justin Fargas. This slowed No.20's opportunity for consistency from week to week. How ever he did show us what he is capable of, in week 2 at the Chiefs, when on 21 carries, he posted 164 yards rushing and a touchdown.

The stat of 21 carries was key, as McFadden would have only 1 other game, with more than 12 carries (14 carries week 3) the rest of the year!

McFadden's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

This off-season Darren is having a solid spring and showing his explosion once again. If he isn't the starting tailback for the Raiders, to start the season I will be shocked.

Bottom line is the Raiders spent a 4th overall pick on this kid and it's time to see a return, on that lucrative investment. His fantasy value will also be helped with the signing of full back Larenzo Neal from the Ravens.

While Darren has all the tools to be a fantasy star I don't see that happening this season, with Fargas and Michael Bush still on the team. But I do believe the man from Arkansas will take a big step forward in this season.

Look for Darren as a solid No.3 running back, for your fantasy squad and I believe he will make you smile all season long.

Fantasy Assets:

- Game Breaker
- Good Hands
- Good Offensive Line for Running
- Has Jeff Garcia, if Jamarcus Russell does not work out.

Fantasy Liability's:
- Doesn't get 20 touches a game

- Needs more Touchdowns
- Could use a better No.1 wide receiver

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Fantasy Rankings: Houston Texans' Owen Daniels

Player Info:

Daniels will Improve in 2009

While he only had 2 touchdowns, Owen Daniels made the Pro Bowl as an alternate in 2008.

An achievement like that, shows the kind of respect people around the league have for this tight end.

I believe the Texans are primed for a big year, as an organization in 2009. In this talented offense, look for Daniels to post better numbers overall.

I'm not sure he will ever be a really good touchdown maker, but he has the size to accumulate Touchdowns as a compliment to Andre Johnson. Especially inside the red zone, where tight ends, tend to score.

This season I see Owen making a strong run for 1,000 yards receiving and maybe 5 touchdowns.

Owen Daniels Fantasy Football Ranking in 2009

Look for Owen as a nice tight end at the later part, of the middle rounds, of your draft. You may also be able to slide down, further than that and still get this tight end.

It seems to me that fantasy owners, still don't want to give the Texans offense credit for being a good. This is understandable as they haven't reached the playoffs yet. But I believe this year that Houston is ready to make a strong run at the playoffs in 2009.

Fantasy Assets:

- Good Overall Skills
- Great Offense
- Plays in a Dome
- Pass First Offense

Fantasy Liability's:

- Not a Great Touchdown Maker
- Texans need to prove they are for really in the NFL

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Fantasy Rankings: Minnesota Vikings' Percy Harvin

Vikings Need Harvin's Skills

There is no doubt that Percy Harvin is a very talented football player. Just go back and watch the national title game against Oklahoma.

A few days before the 2009 NFL draft, Vikings head coach Brad Childress, personally went down to Florida to get one last look at Harvin. Brad being the military man he is probably wanted to look Percy in the eye and see if he had a strong hand shake. By the end of this meeting, Childress put his stamp of approval on No.12.

Harvin was a runner and a receiver in college. He had 660 yards rushing with 10 touchdowns and 640 yards receiving for and 7 touchdowns in 2008.

Brad Childress will need everything he can get, from this talented young athlete, now that the Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams have lost their Cort battle with Star Caps.

The NFL may end up suspending both players, for the first month of the season. If the Vikings are to find the playoffs they will need this talented player to help them right away.

Percy Harvin's Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Harvin's fantasy value is a tough one, there has never been a player in my mind that it matters so much, to what your scoring structure is in the fantasy league you play in.

Reggie Bush is close but because he is listed as a running back, most fantasy leagues would give credit to his running and receiving. Some fantasy leagues don't give rushing stats to receivers, because most of them hardly ever run the ball.

Because he is a very good runner and we are in the "wildcat" era, Percy can have success both running and receiving. If you are in a league that gives points for both his running and receiving yards, than you will be getting the most from his value.

Fantasy Assets:
- Game Breaker
- Touchdown Maker
- Can Run and Receive
- Plays in a Dome

Fantasy Liability's:
- Only 644 yards receiving in his junior year
- I would say a run heavy team but he runs as well

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers Proves His Worth in 2008

In the spring of 2008 legend quarterback Brett Favre retired from the NFL. Upon this announcement, the Packers officially named former 1st round pick Aaron Rodgers, the starting quarterback.

Taking over for a icon quarterback, has proven to be no easy task in the history of the NFL. Every once in a while, you find a Steve Young after a Joe Montana. But even in that situation, Steve had to deal with lots of criticism and mostly by his own fans.

All was riding well for Aaron Rodgers in the off-season of 2008, until in Brett Favre decided he wanted to come back and play for the Packers.

Green Bay ownership had other plans then to bring Brett, back to the team, as they instead opted for Rodgers to take the quarterback position over.

There is no doubt that Wisconsin Cheese-head fans, are one of the top close nit community's, of sports fans in football.
From the Super Bowl trophy being named after their famous coach Vince Lombardi, to the tradition of players bicycling young fans around when preseason begins.

This loving community is no doubt fascinated with one Brett Favre and his family. So when news came that the team didn't want Favre anymore, it was understandable when fans were irate.

Some one had to be blamed for this outrage and some fans choose to pin the blame on Aaron Rodgers.

Never the less as the season played out, Rodgers proved his worth as the Packers quarterback of the future. No.12 proved this with 28 touchdowns and 4,038 yards passing in 2008.

While I'm sure Cheese-head fans are still a little disappointed with not having Favre, they no doubt feel better about the Packers in the future. Now Aaron needs to lead the Pack into the playoffs.

Aaron Rodgers Fantasy Football Value in 2008

Rodgers outlook is bright for the 2009 season. With talented receivers in Greg Jennings and Donald Driver on the team, Aaron has the supporting cast to repeat his numbers from a year ago.

Look to draft Aaron as a solid 5th round pick in your fantasy football league.

Fantasy Assets:

- Strong Supporting Group
- Touchdown Maker
- Pass First Offense

Fantasy Liability's:
- Plays in Bad Weather

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: San Diego Chargers Vincent Jackson

Player Info:
Vincent Becomes the #1 Receiver in San Diego
Jackson has always had the talent to make fantasy owners, believe he might become a great receiver, in time. But until last season, Vincent quietly went about his business and was not much of a factor in fantasy at all.

Then last year the big man for the Chargers broke out, after Chris Chambers, injured his leg in week 5. While it is true that Jackson did not have sparkling numbers in '09, but he did prove that he can dominate at times.

Jackson went on to post 59 catches for 1,098 yards and an hot 18.6 yards per catch average. He also posted 7 touchdowns as well.

Not very often to you see a receiver combined the size (6'5, 230 pounds) and speed together. Because of this rare combo of skills, at times it can seem unfair for a little old corner to match up against this beast.

One has to believe that this is just the beginning for No.83 and his success in the NFL.

Vincent Jackson's Fantasy Football Value in 2009
Jackson my not post 18.6 yards per catch again this year, but he should produce another solid fantasy season. It's no surprise that Jackson broke out the same season Phillip Rivers busted out as they have matured around the same time.

Look for Vincent to at least post the same number from a year ago. Right now he makes for a good #2 receiver in most fantasy formats.

Fantasy Assets:
- Big, Strong, Fast
- Starting into his prime as a receiver
- Solid Quarterback
- Great Supporting Cast
- Great Weather Year Round

Fantasy Liability's:
- Team likes to spread the ball around
- Would like to see more receptions

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: Dallas Cowboy's Tight End Jason Witten

Player Info:

Romo will pass more to JasonWitten in 2009

While Jason's reception and yardage numbers were fine last year, but his touchdown total dropped from 7 to 4.

With Terrell Owens now gone this off-season, the Cowboys have a big hole to fill in the passing game. Romo has great chemistry with his tight end so look for, Tony to go his way early and often.

Roy Williams should also be an asset to Jason, mainly because defenses have to respect him down the field. This in turn keeps the middle of the field, open for Witten, as safety's play back more often.

I believe #82 will make a strong run at, 100 receptions for 1,200 yards and 8 touchdowns.

Jason Witten's Fantasy Football Value in 2009
Look for Jason to have a strong consistent season this year. No doubt Witten will help carry this passing offense at times while Roy Williams and Tony work out their chemistry together.

Draft Witten as a top tight end in your fantasy draft and enjoy a fine season

Fantasy Assets:
- Great Overall Skills
- Solid Quarterback
- Great Supporting Cast
- Plays in a Dome

Fantasy Liability's:
- Needs to Improve on Touchdowns

Brought to you by- fantasy rankings

Fantasy Rankings: New Orleans Drew Brees

Player Info:
Drew Brees goes Pass Crazy
Weather your name was Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Reggie Bush, Peirre Thomas or Robert Mechum it did not matter to Mr.Brees. All he cared about was if you were open and he would get you the ball.

In 2008 Drew passed for 5,069 yards on the year. One of the greatest yardage totals in a season in NFL history.

His 34 touchdowns was also very good, for the Saints and fantasy owners as well. In fact in the three years, Drew Brees has been with the Saints he has improved his numbers every year. That's saying a lot, when you consider his in his first year he had 4,418 yards and 26 touchdowns!

Maybe what I like most about Drew is that he doesn't take sacks very often either. With totals of 18, 16 and 13 last year.

Drew Brees Fantasy Football Value in 2009
Drew has is back with all his band of marry men, so look for No.9 to shine bright yet again. It seems not matter what problems this guy goes through, he always comes out smelling like a rose in the end.

From the Phillip Rivers controversy, to dislocating his throwing shoulder he has blazed through his challenges. This is the true mark of greatness and you would be best served to pay attention.

Drew Breeze will make for a fine second round pick in your fantasy draft this season.

Again in his worst season with the Saints was 2007 when he had a slow start.
But by the end of that year he went on to post better numbers than his great 2006 totals.

With Tom Brady still needing to prove he is back from his knee injury and Peyton Manning going through so much turnover with the Colts.

Not to also add Kurt Warner is coming off of hype surgery, Drew Brees is the hands down #1 quarterback in the league this year.

Fantasy Assets:
- Distance Touchdown Maker
- In a Pass First Offense
- Plays in a Dome
- Great Offense Around Him

Fantasy Liability's:
- Colston had knee surgery this off-season

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