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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fantasy Rankings: New York Jets' Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez Goes to a Winning Team

Top five picks are not supposed to end up on winning teams. But for Mark Sanchez that very thing happened as the Jets moved up from pick 17 all the way to number 5.

Selecting Sanchez was probably the best move the Jets could of hoped for after losing star Brett Favre to retirement (until he goes to the Vikings). After Favre's retirement the Jets were left with only backup Kellen Clemons as a half way viable option to run New York's offense.

Now the Jets have a player they can lean on as a future star for years to come.

How will Sanchez be used in 2009?

The quarterback from Southern California will benefit from having talented tight end Dustin Keller and receiver Jericho Cotchery. While these pieces are good, Mark's best assets are his great offensive line, running game and defense.

Some wonder if Sanchez will be the starter come week one and for my money I say he will be. Most of the time you don't want to rush a young quarterback in to fast because they usually will have a very bad offensive line and team.

But in this situation Mark will have excellent protection to help him as he develops into a solid quarterback.

Mark Sanchez Fantasy Football Value in 2009

Fantasy football owners will probably have to wait till next year before Sanchez is really worth more than a deep backup.

This season will be all about letting Mark help the team but not hurt the team, by throwing too much. Running the ball and playing hard nose defense, will be the Jets staple playbook for success.

I do see Dustin Keller as a decent option as young quarterbacks love to lock onto a tight end for help. Jericho Cotchery is still good enough to get 1,000 yards and 6 touchdowns, but those numbers won't come in a consistent fashion.

Fantasy Assets:

-Great Offensive Line
-Strong Arm
-Good Mobility

Fantasy Liability's
-He's a Rookie
-Will be in a Run first offense
-The last thing a quarterback develops is touchdowns
-Bad weather in December

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